About Us

At The Conscious Home, we believe that individuals should have access to products that are made with love, intentionality and a vision. We believe in supporting individuals and brands that are not only aware of the impact they have on the environment, but also the social impact they have on communities of different backgrounds. 

Each brand and product we support is done purposely. One of our goals is to bring awareness to the work that these amazing individuals and brands are doing through their products and contributions. We believe in community building, uplifting and empowerment. To support this belief, we work with brands that are woman-owned, handmade, and/or owned by people of color (POC) and Black creators. 

We believe conscious living stems further than being aware of the products we buy. For us, living consciously extends to our social interactions, beliefs and values. We are committed to listening and learning from community. We value your voices and narratives. As a small business, we recognize that we have room to grow. As a team, we hold critical conversations and ask questions constantly in order to identify brands that align with our values.

Our hope is that you will join us in being more conscious about the products you use, how you use them, and who you are supporting when purchasing a product.

Our Contribution

For every purchase you make, we donate 5% to an organization engaging in work that centers underrepresented populations and/or the environment of vulnerable populations. We are currently donating 5% of each purchase to PERIOD, an organization whose main focus it to end period poverty and stigma by providing communities in need with menstrual supplies. We appreciate your help!